GIGA: Young Geeklings (Kid’s games and shows)


Welcome to GIGA magazine’s Young Geeklings page.  Look around the page and find games, movies, shows and activities for kids from ages 2 to 10.  Right now we’re under construction but if you have any suggestions on what content to add to this page please send us a message or email


3 fascinating mobile games for kids

As summer vacation begins, many kids will turn to mobile devices for entertainment. Thousands of game apps promise to keep your kids entertained; but the best also engage their brain. Here are three knock-your-socks-off games that also pack in some
Raiders players teach the kids some fundamentals

The Raiders are hosting a two-day, non-contact football camp for 300 kids from the Oakland Parks and Recreation Department, the YMCA of Oakland, Oakland Boys & Girls Club, Alameda Boys & Girls Club, East Oakland Youth Development Center and

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