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The Future of Storytelling: A Response to the Thoughts of Chris Charla and Benedetto Vigna

Being a writer and literature enthusiast, I’m obsessed with narrative. Through words, we can transport ourselves into other peoples’ lives and experience their worlds. We can visit the abstract and experience impossible things to reach deeper understanding. Because I love stories, I’ve always gravitated towards video games with powerful—or at the very least, central—narratives. Games […]

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Godzilla: Turn Off the Dark!

Some people complained that Godzilla didn’t get enough screen time in his big budget reboot this past summer. Now those people may think he’s seen even less! The Blu-ray of Gareth Edwards’ monstrous movie has such subpar picture quality, you’d have an easier time spotting a ninja in the dark. Film: I reviewed Godzilla earlier […]


Godzilla DVD/Blu-Ray Guide (Part 4): The Millennium Series

If you missed them, read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Now we come to the latest series of Toho’s Godzilla films: the Millennium Series (1999-2004). This is the shortest era of films in the franchise and the easiest ones to collect since the U.S. distribution belong to Sony only . After the fan backlash […]

Mega Charizard X by Mylafox

Mega-Evolution is NOT a Fad

Mega-Evolution was thought to be an exclusive mechanic of Pokemon X and Y. Yet, as Nintendo continues to show, haters of Mega-Evolution will have to deal with it, because it’s not going anywhere soon. For those who ignored the newest Pokemon games, Mega-Evolution is a power granted to specific species of Pokemon that pushes their […]


Godzilla DVD/Blu-Ray Guide (Part 3): Heisei Series

If you missed them, read Part 1 and Part 2. Long before Hollywood tried to reboot Big G—twice—Toho created a reboot in the mid ’80s. This era of the franchise is called the Heisei Series and spans seven films from 1984-1995. Godzilla movies are easier to find on DVD/Blu-ray as the franchise progresses, since the distribution rights […]


Godzilla DVD/Blu-Ray Guide: Showa Series, Part 2

Today I’ll be talking about the second half of the Showa Series of Godzilla films. There are 15 total films, spanning from 1954-1975. The 1950s and 1960s are considered to be the series at its peak. Now Big G faces one of his greatest foes: the ‘70s. Yes, Godzilla’s films were in decline by this […]

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