Whoops: NYPD Remove 40 Morphsuit Mannequins from GAP

Forty members of Improv Everywhere were arrested for posing as mannequins in a Manhattan GAP. The members were dressed in Morphsuits and posed in various parts of the store. Unfortunately, the store employees weren’t in on the joke and called the police. The group’s founder, Charlie Todd, said “Many of the customers and employees had […]


Mad Max the Fury Road Warrior

“Mad” Max Rockatansky returns from beyond Thunderdome after a 30-year absence. Tom Hardy may have replaced Mel Gibson in the Pursuit Special’s driver seat, but director George Miller is still at the helm of the post-apocalyptic franchise, which has yet to crash and burn. Max is captured by the followers of a wasteland cult leader […]

lois lane fallout

Fans will fall in love with ‘Lois Lane: Fallout’

Lois Lane, the fearless Daily Planet reporter, is equally as iconic as DC Comics’ seminal hero Superman, but she usually serves as a supporting character. Author Gwenda Bond, however, reverses those roles while asking, “Who was Lois Lane as a teenager?” The result is Lois Lane: Fallout, a new YA novel (that appears to be […]