Godzilla - Showa Series

Godzilla DVD/Blu-Ray Guide: Showa Series, Part 1

With Garth Edwards’ blockbuster Godzilla reboot to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray September 16, many of you may be interested in watching and/or collecting Big G’s original Japanese adventures; that’s 28 films in total. Unfortunately, unlike other long-running franchises like the James Bond series, these films aren’t all owned by the same distributor. Toho, the […]

75 years of Marvel

Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Cover Art Book is a Gift to Fans

It’s hard to believe Marvel Comics—originally called Timely Comics—is 75 years old now. To celebrate this diamond anniversary, DK has released Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art by Alan Cowsill. This massive coffee table book chronicles the history of the comic book company’s iconic covers from Marvel Comics #1 in October 1939 to the […]


Coldwater: An Interview with James C. Burns

Available now on select digital outlets is the new film Coldwater, a story about a troubled teenage boy who is sent to a camp for healing. The movie follows not only the teens struggling to survive, but also a retired war colonel,  Col. Frank Reichert  (James C. Burns), pushing these kids to their limits, searching […]

Joss Whedon on a couch

Humble Beginnings, Incredible Writing: A Review of Joss Whedon: The Biography

I’ve been a part of the Marvel movie craze since Spiderman (2002). However, when Ironman hit theaters, everything changed. Beloved heroes, clad in armor and suits, felt real and relatable. They were no longer just people with super powers; they became people with super powers. Those movies built up to The Avengers, one of my […]

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