TRDWTR Characters

Learning to ‘Treadwater’: A Review of ‘TRDWTR, Part 1’

After raising $150,000 on Kickstarter and other sources, Morgan Rosenblum has launched not only a graphic novel saga, but a new media franchise “combining the style and tone of The Dark Knight” and “the traditional mix-and-match group of character archetypes that makes ‘X-Men’ so successful.” What at first glance might seem like a by-the-numbers science fiction comic proves […]


The Spoiled War: Super Smash Bros. Not as Shiny as It Used to Be

Super Smash Bros. comes out for the 3DS October 3, and while I am pumped up for the release, I feel less pumped than usual. I’m all about importing games. I think there’s nothing better than snagging up a game from Japan, usually one that will never be in the English language. I’ve known many […]