Week 6 NFC Recap


The Cowboys are still the co-pilots of the division. They won the game over there division rivals the Redskins 31-16, but it came at the price of loosing DeMarco Murray to a sprang left knee and DeMarcus Ware suffered a Quad injury. Both didn’t return to the game. The Eagles Will keep the Cowboys company a top the NFC East as they kept the Buccaneers win less 31-20. And speaking of the Cowboys and Eagles, they meet in Dallas next week.

NFC North

It will be wise for the Bears to continue to get as many wins as they possibly can. You should do that every season of course, but I say that because the Lions are tied for first place with the Bears with Calvin Johnson not healthy for the Lions. The Bears played the Giants this week and play the Redskins next. Both teams have a combined one win. Continue to win your games and hope the Lions Sue will hurt is team instead of helping.

NFC South

The Saints are still the top dogs in the NFC South even though they lost there first game of the season. The Carolina Panthers are the only team in the division to get a win this week in the divdion. Panthers QB Cam Newton had a productive day in his first ever game in the Metrodome. He went 20 of 26 yards passing for 242 yards with 3 touchdown passes. Plus he ran the ball 9 times for 30 yards with a rushing TD. If the Panthers can get a win against the Rams next week, Carolina can be at 500. of 3-3.

NFC West 

The 49ers might have more National TV exposure in the NFC west, but the Seahawks are tied for the best record in the conference coming into there game against the Titans. But San Fransisco is now over 500. Both teams won there game on Sunday at home. The Seahawks won the first battle 29-3 against San Fran. The rematch is on December the 8th from Candlestick. That will be a must see at this point.