Song of Horror

Song of Horror is on Kickstarter!

UPDATE: It’s BACK!  Song of Horror are back on kickstarter and even better. Don’t forget to show your support. Tweet, follow and spread the word. #IndieDev #SupportIndies!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, funding for Song of Horror was unsuccessful; however, developers continue to work and haven’t let this throw them off of creating an awesome game. You don’t need Kickstarter show your support. Tweet, follow and spread the word. #IndieDev #SupportIndies!

In just five days, Song of Horror  received almost 3,000 “yes”votes, solidifying it’s place among other Greenlit games. Now Protocol Games is looking to Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to complete its old-school survival horror. If the kickstarter campaign is successful, developers give an estimated release date of November 2016.

I’m extremely excited about this game. The graphics look great and I’m loving the different camera angles. I did notice, however, some of the wording in the descriptions and narrations is a little off, but this game is still in it’s early phases. I can’t wait to watch the next gameplay video with the voice acting and eerie music.

Now that my hopes for Silent Hills are dashed, I need Song of Horror even more.