Party Up With the Pocket Party

Music is life. There is very little in life that can’t be made better with some good music in the background. With the increased storage space on memory cards, smart phones, and iPods, we’re carrying around entire festivals worth of music with us at all times. What good is all that music if you can’t share it with friends though?

The fine people over at 7×24 Technologies, Inc have the solution. The Pocket Party is a solid combination of portability and sound quality. Simply connect the speaker to your device of choice via Bluetooth, adhere the Pocket Party to any flat surface, and let the party begin.

My Pocket Party with carabiner attached

My Pocket Party with carabiner attached

The speaker comes with a carabiner (a belt clip), so you can soundtrack any stroll to the store with friends. They even include a bike-mount strap so you and the team can enjoy tunes while you ride. Portability is a strong half of the story with this one, and functionality is its tag team partner.


For those who like their bass down low, the Pocket Party is made with X-Bass technology. The bottom chamber can expand, amplifying the sound to better fill a room. For even more versatility, the vibrations created by the chamber can turn any hollow surface (i.e. an empty pizza box) into a subwoofer for that extra kick.

There is even a smart light system that synchronizes with the music being played to create an intelligent light show based on various aspects of the music (bass, treble, even the vocals).

My personal experience with this surprisingly powerful speaker has been pretty awesome. I strongly believe that a shower without music is sinful, so having a speaker like this is a gift from the heavens. Pandora, Spotify, and even YouTube play perfectly, or at least as well as the services’ normal sound fidelity would allow. Cooking has become quite the party as well and it’s nice to not have to use a cup to boost the sound on my phone anymore. Hey, don’t judge me.

If you’re like me and you don’t have speakers hardwired into every inch of your home, this is a must have for any music lover. It can easily turn any uncomfortably quiet situation into an event worthy of Instagram. Salute to 7×24 Technology Inc. for this one. Check out more on the Pocket Party on their IndieGoGo page and spread the word.