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My Crunchyroll Is No Longer Crunchy?!

Why am I desperately slapping away at my keyboard for this one? Because it effects me and my viewing of great shows such as Fruit of Grisaia and Another—I like really twisted anime.

Similar to what present hackers left for many gamers this year, anime-centric service Crunchyroll is currently down due to a DDoS attack. If you don’t know what that is, it’s this terrible thing that makes online services unusable for an unknown length of time.

Digital Attack Map explains this annoying  phenomenon.

What’s to learn of all these attacks on some of geekdom’s greatest entities?

There’s nothing we can do about it. I would recommend changing a password or two, but other than that there’s nothing to do. However, I wish these people would just leave things alone. Us geeks love anime and gaming. It’s what lets us escape from our crummy jobs and often dull lives for a bit. When our extracurricular activities don’t work, it causes a lot of stress and anger, which is often misplaced on the services we love so much.

Instead of sending a message of how you just can’t live without Destiny or how you must know what will happen to poor Naruto, think about the people behind those services.

Until Crunchyroll returns, I’ll be playing some single player games. Stay cool.