Inside Look With “Stamp” Creator Erick Ballesteros

Thanks to Stamp creator Erick Ballesteros, we now have an inside look at the new organizational app that is changing the way the world makes appointments! (The interview below involves staff writer Jacob Neff and Stamp creator Erick Ballesteros.)
Courtesy of Stamp, LLC

Courtesy of Stamp, LLC

Q1. What is Stamp?
A1: Stamp is an iPhone application that empowers freelancing services to accept appointments at anytime with automated scheduling and calendar synchronization.
Q2. Why did you create such an app?
A2: I created this app to further the share economy within our communities. I wanted to empower anyone to become an entrepreneur or run their own business. You can think of it like Lyft. With Lyft, anyone with a car has the freedom to choose their own schedule and make some extra cash (full-time or part-time). Similarly with Stamp, anyone can share their own services/skills to supplement their income. I also wanted to encourage usage of our digital calendars because I feel like the majority aren’t taking advantage of one. By promoting it, Stamp’s service can only increase in satisfaction.
Q3. Why the name “Stamp”?
A3: I like the name stamp because it emphasizes a commitment being made. It can also tie into a time stamp for when selecting a time. There will also be a cross-reward system throughout different types of services for people to recieve great offers.
Q4. What makes Stamp different from other organizational apps such as Evernote, Google Calendar, etc.?
A4: Stamp is different from things like Google Calendar because Stamp has discover-ability and centralized profiles for services to link their Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn to let the client make the booking decision. In fact we integrate with Google Calendar to make things simpler and each appointment will automatically appear within Google Calendar. We also assign usernames to all services that sign up on our app. By doing this, we allow a very Twitter-esque feel to the app where people can not only stamp with people within their geographic vicinity, but also with people from all over the world (there I said it). This makes the scheduling process even easier for services that prefer to just share their usernames.
Q5. How has Stamp improved organization in your own life so far? Do you use your own app?
A5: I use Stamp to schedule business meetings with others and for workout sessions with my personal trainer. It’s really fun!
Q6. How many downloads does Stamp have?
A6: Stamp just launched two weeks ago on the app store. We have strong initial feedback and we are hard at work improving our service. Additionally, a web app is underdevelopment where the usernames will serve as the subdomain for each service provider using Stamp!
Q7. Where do you see Stamp going in the next 5 to 10 years?

A7: Over the next few years, I envision Stamp creating opportunities for developing nations. It will help many local economies while at the same time creating opportunities  for two people to easily schedule with each other regardless of where they are located.


I would highly recommend Stamp for anyone with a full plate as it is an incredibly helpful way to organize appointments. Good news for iPhone users, Stamp is available now on the app store.  Android users, hang in there!