Indie Game Alert: Keipr Online

p8c I am officially addicted to learning about new and upcoming indie games. They always have pieces of what makes video games great, then builds on them with new and great ideas. When I was introduced to Keipr (pronounced kai.per) Online, I was excited to see what new concepts this game would introduce. My first thought when I visited the Indie DB site was “I NEED this game.” The team at Goon Studios promises Keipr Online will be a completely open world where players can become and do pretty much anything they want.

This will be a MMO sandbox game: No mini map, no way point, just you and thousands of other players trying to create an adventure. Players start off as a planetary colonist whose star ship (Keipr) has crashed. After waking up from a cryo sleep, what you do with your life is completely your choice. You can start a business, become a criminal, or run your own town. If you like to live dangerously, you can become a bounty hunter and travel the world on your ship; it’s all up to the you. Keipr_City Players will also have some creative control by voting on what the developers should add into the game next. Submarines, space ships, castle sieges (yes, you can build a castle and be a king if you want), and alien invasions can all be a part of Keipr Online, if players want the tools to create them. Modders will also be able to contribute their skills.


The world looks beautiful and the potential for this much freedom makes me so very happy, but I need to know more: How far will the Goons take it? Will players be able to start a family? If players decide to be shop owners, is that all they will do the entire game or will they have objectives also? How much freedom will modders have? Creating a completely open world is always tough—especially when there is a wide range of gamers developers have to to appeal to—and not everyone can pull it off (*cough* Rockstar *cough*). I really hope Goon Studios can keep its promise. If they do, this game will be epic. I can’t wait.

Keipr Online: Making of 3D Creature

Keipr Online is set to be released sometime in 2014. Unfortunately, there is no demo yet, but you can watch videos and see pictures of the game on Indie DB. On the Goon Studios website, you can get some tips on the indie process, learn about the team, and get up-to-date news on their blog. Make sure to show your support on Steam, Twitter, and Facebook.

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