Indie Alert: Tulpa

They say never judge a book—in this case game—by its cover. Well, I did exactly that when I first looked at Tulpa. The graphics immediately caught my attention and I assumed this was going to be an interesting game. I’m not a huge fan of platformers (I know, I know, blasphemy right?), but the concept behind this game makes it more than just another indie side-scroller.

Tulpa Stage4 - 3

The word tulpa is a Tibetan Buddhism term to describe “any unreal, illusory, or mind created apparition.” Using concepts from occultism and theosophy, Encryptique creates an odd world of puzzles and mystery.

Players will control two characters: the main character, Ophelia and her tulpa, Oliver.  Oliver has a telekinetic power, which gives him the ability to move otherwordly objects. Ophelia has no special powers, but you still need her to grab and push objects that aren’t mystical. Using both characters, players will roam this odd world solving weird puzzles while looking for answers to Ophelia and her tulpa’s mysterious past.

Tulpa Stage2 - 1

Only two students from the Technological Institute of Larisa, Greece and a musician make up the Encryptique development team. With their game nearly finished, they just need help getting the right tools to finalize their hard work. You can help them out on their indiegogo page and give them a vote on their Steam Greenlight page. Learn more about Tulpa and the developers on their website.