Indie Alert: Ray’s the Dead

Honestly, I’m tired of running away from zombies: tired of constantly looking over my shoulder while desperately searching for scarce weapons and safe shelter. I want to be a zombie for once. Ragtag Studio will give players the chance to be the feared one in Ray’s the Dead. Just in case you haven’t heard about this game (or Ragtag Studio), here is a quick preview.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_129570281_preview (2)

You play Raymond La Morte: a poor zombie just trying to figure out who he was, why he died, and why he has the power to control other zombies. As soon as I read “Ray . . . builds a diverse zombie army . . . ,” I was instantly sold. Using the light bulb stuck in his head, Ray can raise other zombies from their graves, recently killed humans, and even dogs. There are different zombie types, each type comes with its own skill set, which will help Ray figure out his past. Reminds me of Overlord (thought I was going to say Pikmin, right?), being able to command an army of skilled minions and have them do your dirty work.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_129570281_preview (1)

With a mix of action, adventure, stealth, and strategy, there is no concern of boredom. Players will have to use their zombie infantry to overwhelm and take down humans, avoid dogs, destroy objects, and solve puzzles. During his quest to get answers, Ray will uncover interactive flashbacks. These playable flashbacks will help restore Ray’s memory and reveal the events that led to his death.


If you hate the ’80s, you’re screwed (and crazy). Ray’s the Dead is set in the ’80s where you will see familiar faces and places, and hear a soundtrack inspired by the wicked (yes, I’m lame) decade. Even the color scheme of the game is totally ’80s.


I’m definitely looking forward to Ray’s the Dead‘s release on PS4 and PC this year (unfortunately, a release date has not been announced). I know it will not only be fun—you know, having and army of zombies and stuff—but the story will also play a huge part, and that is always important.

You can learn more about Ray’s the Dead on its website and Steam Greenlight. Don’t forget to show your support by following and liking Ragtag Studio on Twitter and Facebook.