Grambling State is in the National spotlight………….. for the wrong reasons.

Since Anthony Andrews and yours truly will be on the air live tomorrow night on GIGA Net starting at 8 p.m., we will recap all of week 7 then. For this weeks blog I would like to focus on a arena of football that will be more exposed once the World Series has reached its end. I would like to shine some light (witch is not good)on Historically Black College and University.

Grambling State University has been the premiere of HBCU football since the days of the the late legendary Eddie Robinson. We fast forward to the 2013 football season at GSU, it is in MAJOR money trouble that has opened the door to other Hugh problems this season alone. When it comes to small schools like GSU, money has been a problem for many years. This year Grambling State has gotten national coverage because of lack of finance. Lets look at the hot mess that has occurred because for the Tigers money troubles.

*Like everyone else this season, Jackson State won against GSU, and wants to sue becuase of it. Jackson State won by forfeit because only 22 players traveled to Jackson, Mississippi last Saturday. That was JSU’s homecoming game that got cancelled. They expect at least 20,000 for the event annually. Now JSU wants to sue to get back all the money that was lost.

*GSU President Frank Pogue declared a state of Financial Emergency due to major budget cuts. Some critics has reach the conclusion of down sizing the football program to division III or shut the whole program down all together.

*Poor facilities plus long road trips plus former GSU QB and Superbowl MVP Doug Williams got fired two games in to the season (in witch the players still don’t know why by the way), all resulted in the players boycotting the university. They will return to practice this week in preparation for there home game against Texas Southern. While the players were in boycott mode, many started to wonder if the Tigers would finish out the season. The biggest game of the year for Grambling St. is against Southern University every Thanksgiving weekend in the Superdome on national tv (NBC). All we know for now is the that the Tigers are planning to play Texas Southern.

*If there are many good news to put on this story, the Southwestern Athletic Conference made it official that the university will not be fined for forfeiting there game against Jackson State. Like they have money to pay for it right?

If there is one thing I have notice in life, once you hit rock bottom, there is no place to go but up. Its just going to take sometime.