Everything You Need to Know about Madden NFL 25

If a game is popular enough to reach 25 iterations, let alone in consecutive years, a publisher knows they are doing something right (having the NFL license surely does not hurt either). EA Sports will be releasing Madden NFL 25 on August 27, 2013, and EA Tiburon has added even more advancements to their incredible Infinity Engine; calling it Infinity Engine 2.0.


Madden NFL 13 may have been the best Madden we have ever played. The game looked incredible, but the new physics engine worked seamlessly with most parts of the game. Passing and leading receivers has never been easier. Linebackers no longer jumped 10 feet in the air to snag unrealistic balls. Many things went according to play.


I gave Madden NFL 13 a 9.2 and have fallen back in love with the franchise. The minor issues I had with the game were about the running game (or lack thereof). Running the ball up the middle was nearly impossible most plays because the running back would get caught up on the offensive linemen.

Running feels extremely fluid in the Madden NFL 25 demo (available now for PS3 and Xbox 360), but we already know when something becomes enhanced, a balance must be struck. EA will also be introducing a heat seeking tackling to assist defenders in making plays. This precision tackling will assist both newcomers to the franchise and veterans alike. Some Madden players who have been playing for years still let the CPU handle tackling for them. A great offensive player can easily make some decent players miss tackles consistently. This new heat seeking tackle system will make it more difficult to get around would-be tacklers.


EA is doing more than adding new gameplay features. The Madden NFL 13 feature of Connected Careers mode will be even more enhanced with the all-new Connected Franchise mode, where players will once again be able to control the owner of the team. Does this mean we will once again be able to relocate our teams, change ticket prices, edit the uniforms, hire our own coaches and more? Yes, EA has given us this right yet again and boy does it feel amazing! Players will have the option to move their teams to dozens of locations. These locations show how much the city is willing to put up for you to build your stadium there, fan appeal and more. Picking the correct location may be difficult, as there will be many great options. From options I have seen so far, Toronto and London will each have their own NFL teams in Madden NFL 25. Having this option will be amazing. I could not, however, see how this affects how much money players will have to re-sign player between seasons, or if the decisions you make as an owner do not affect your overall salary cap budgets.


Another feature fans have been salivating over for years has been the ability to bring your custom playbooks into the Connected Franchise mode. EA is not only allowing players to create their own custom playbooks in Madden NFL 25, players will be able to share their playbooks online with the world! EA has set up a ranking system for players to download and try out as many playbooks as they desire. Players can then rate the playbooks, allowing the cream to rise to the top. Within weeks, I believe players will have a plethora of great playbook options to choose from. This has to be one of the features I am most excited about. Chicago has a phenomenal playbook in Madden NFL 13, but there are no QB Read Option plays in any shotgun formation, nor is there a pistol formation. This makes having a mobile quarterback and using the Chicago playbook more difficult. Being able to add a couple of different read options out of the shotgun formation and adding a basic pistol formation may not seem like much, but it adds even more depth to an already impressive playbook.


Madden Ultimate Team will be back in Madden NFL 25 as well. Players will once again be able to assemble teams by collecting trading cards, and utilize these cards to assemble the team who fits your play style best.


The Madden All-25 team is littered with spectacular players from the past 25 years of Madden. Michael Vick (also known as the glitchiest player in Madden history from Madden NFL 04) will be helming the team at quarterback with Marshall Faulk behind him. Randy Moss will be split wide across from Brian Finneran. Why Brian Finneran is a Madden All-25 player is beyond my personal comprehension. The only logical excuse for why Finneran was even mentioned to be on the All-25 team is him being a target of Vick’s in the infamous Madden NFL 04. If someone really needed to be selected from that specific team, why not Peerless Price?


The remaining starters on the All-25 team are just as stacked as the first few I mentioned. Deion Sanders, Ray Lewis, Sean Smith, Warren Sapp and more all made their presence felt during their NFL careers and on the screens with friends battling out playing Madden. There are no questions as to why any of these guys were selected as the Madden All-25 team.


The demo for Madden NFL 25 shows many of the offensive and defensive improvements. There were some minor glitches I noticed when playing the demo, however. When players run out of bounds prior to either two minute warning, the clock continues to run after a play is selected. On certain plays, half of one team would go invisible, and all players are able to see are their shadows on the grassy backdrop. Bringing in Danielle Bellini in as a sideline reporter is a good look for EA. As great as Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are, it will be nice to have a third voice with sideline commentary. In the Madden NFL 25 demo, however, Bellini once referred to Robert Turbin as Marshawn Lynch. Again, this is just a demo, and we cannot assume any of these minor glitches will be in the actual game. Even if they do make the final cut of the game, EA will surely fix them with a day one patch.


As we all anxiously await the Madden NFL 25 drop on August 27, let us continue our Madden 13 franchises until the day the next installment drops!  Good luck to each of you in your final seasons on Madden NFL 13, and I wish you the best of luck as Madden NFL 25 releases. Stay tuned to for our official Madden NFL 25 review!