BAAKO: Not Your Average Heroine

Twitter is not one of my favorite things in the world. Luckily, the law of averages means every now and then, I have to stumble upon something awesome. True to the laws of math, I came across an article from @GhettoManga about a new comic called BAAKO dropping.


After looking into it, I came across the website of Joshua Covey, the artist and writer responsible for this newness. He’s quite the accomplished freelancer having done work with Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios and various independent creators. The BAAKO project is also a another awesome example of how Kickstarter can help independent artists produce great work.

Between the brief preview on the artist’s site and the information on his Kickstarter page, here’s what we know so far: After a great star crashes into the planet, an evil force known as “the Hatred” starts to leech the life out of the planet. As they grow and consume everything, the world becomes more and more like a wasteland. Any people unlucky enough to be captured by the Hatred are twisted and distorted into minions, used to continue their destruction. Our heroine, BAAKO is bounced around on a roller coaster of near-death situations, hope for the future and back down to hopelessness. She is a fighter and Covey does well to provide a character that doesn’t fall into the traditional damsel in distress trope, but doesn’t make her overpowered either.


Artistically, I love the detail and the vibrant colors, but the desert/wasteland backdrops do well to convey the damage done to the planet. The glowing green eyes of BAAKO’s hooded companion will more than likely be stuck in my mind’s eye for quite some time. The design of the various wildlife and creatures of the Hatred is unique as well. I am looking forward to seeing it all fully colored in the final release come March.

There’s a lot of good brewing here, but don’t just take my word for it (I mean, who would), check out both GhettoManga for an extended preview and the work of Joshua Covey, featuring BAAKO, for yourself.