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A lover of coffee and AVID stalker of Renee Montoya through the DC Universe. Massive Greg Rucka Fan and a weakness for Nicola Scott, CullyHamner and JH Wiliams III art. Trainer of horse, rehabber of ex-pacers and rider of the golden beast "Zinda". Seamstress and 3 times Runner UP WCS Australia. Cosplays and creates fabric related art. Addicted to a good book, a warm blanket and a good woman. Waiting to marry NS Kane (australian law still way behind)

ARTIST ALLEY: Taylor Esposito

When most people think of comics, they think of the writers, the artists, the covers and the colors. More often than not, there is still a team vital to a comic that is not  remembered. One of these is the Letterer, without whom there would be nothing to read. I decided to have an interview […]


Cosplay Spotlight: P.S Cosplay

Name/alias: P.S Cosplay Location: Arkham Asylum… let’s just keep it at that… ha-ha. No but I would post my real name and address here, but after coming a long way in the cosplay community, I’ve come across some not so friendly or sociable people, and I guess I’ve gotten to the point where I’d rather […]

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Cosplay Spotlight: Emily Wallin

Name:  Emily / Luna Lady of Light Cosplay Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA Cosplay achievements:  Runner Up World Cosplay Summit Team USA 2015, First Place Finalist for the US World Cosplay Summit in 2013 and 2014. Honorable Mention Craftsmanship Youmacon 2008 Best Novice Performance Youmacon 2010 Best Journeyman Craftsmanship JAFAX 2012 Cosplay Shinkou Best Overall Craftsmanship […]

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Artist Alley: Dan Mora

Dan Mora is an up and coming artist  with Boom Comics. Coming straight from Hexed, he is now signed on for the up and coming series Klaus. I have had the wonderful privilege of being able to chat with Dan many times. Now that Hexed is over, I thought this would be a great time to […]