Yoko Kanno – Anime Songstress and Composer


Who is Yoko Kanno you ask?

Composer of music from anime titles such as Macross Plus & Vision of Escaflowne, as well as game music for Koei, Ms. Kanno is known worldwide for her moving and adventurous orchestral, jazz and experimental works.

Yoko Kanno was born March 18, 1964 in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. She made her debut as a keyboardist in the band TETSU100%

Prominence in piano was Kanno’s fortè for Japanese TV Dramas “High School Teacher”, “Somebody Loves Her””, “Unpainted Face” and other TV presentations such as an NHK special, “The Reformation and Liberation of One Billion Chinese”. Ms. Kanno has even graced television commercials: music for a Japanese Coca-Cola Commercial, as well as others (NTT Burutta, Georgia Coffee, etc.)

Yoko Kanno is well known for her music productions in the anime arena. In the net newgroup rec.arts.anime.music there have been endless requests for Kanno’s works. From pleas for the sheet music to Cowboy Bebop or questions about her identity and that of “Gabriela Robin”, her music is appreciated by anime enthusiasts and musicians alike.

Some may be mislead that Yoko Kanno is responsible for “the whole soundtrack”. This is not necessarily the case. In fact, it seems almost apparent that she and two other musicians: Hajime Mizoguchi and Akino Arai, cross paths frequently. Mizoguchi was responsible for composing most of the “Please Save My Earth” soundtracks, and Arai has composed several songs but has mostly performed vocals for many of Kanno’s works such as the ever-so-famous “Voices” and seemingly exotic “Idol Talk“. Furthermore, Mai Yamane has been a strong presence in Kanno’s more recent “Cowboy Bebop” soundtracks.

As of late, Kanno’s team seems to be that of Steve Conte, Tim Jensen and Scott Matthews. They are featured in the Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex and Wolf’s Rain original soundtracks.

Mrs. Kanno has attended anime and comic conventions in the past year, including Anime Expo (99) and Otakon. More information about her attendance and panel discussions are avaiable at Kevin Lillard’s “A Fan’s View“. In addition, she was declared “Personality of the Week” on his website as well.

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-Ghost in The Shell-Rise-
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-Ghost in The Shell-Inner Universe-
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-Cowboy Bebop-

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Source: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/yoko-kanno-mn0000588868

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