Whoops: NYPD Removes 40 Morphsuit Mannequins from GAP

Forty members of Improv Everywhere were arrested for posing as mannequins in a Manhattan GAP.

Memebers of Improv Everywhere being arrested

It does look like mannequins are being arrested.

The members were dressed in Morphsuits and posed in various parts of the store. Unfortunately, the store employees weren’t in on the joke and called the police. The group’s founder, Charlie Todd, said “Many of the customers and employees had a good laugh, but five minutes later the police arrived after the store had called them. Many of the members were initially handcuffed but they eventually left the store and no charges were filed.”

Members of Improv Everywhere being arrested

Improve Everywhere is a comedy group that believes in “organized fun.” The group wants to prove to its audience that “a prank doesn’t have to involve humiliation or embarrassment; it can simply be about making someone laugh, smile, or stop to notice the world around them. ”

Memeber of Improve Everywhere posing with a real mannequin

GAP’s response to the situation: “The safety of our store associates and customers is always our main concern. We are pleased to report that no customers, employees or mannequins were injured in this event.”

I guess the employees were scared? Or maybe they thought the “mannequins” were waiting until closing to execute an unsuspecting robbery? Whatever the employees’ thought processes were, it was a bit hasty for a group of people who were just standing in a store.