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What if The X-Men Had Day Jobs?

In this economy, even superheroes need day jobs to pay the bills.

The job search website Snagajob recently created a humorous infographic listing the skills of popular X-Men characters, then recommend day jobs for the mutant superheroes.

 “What if mutants existed in real life? How could they use their skills to make a living? We asked ourselves this very question. Some powers, like mind reading, work better than others when trying to find that perfect position.”

Can you imagine Wolverine being a cook? No one would ever complain about their food at that restaurant! Wolvie is “the best there is at what [he] does,” after all. While I’m sure Jean Grey, being a super-powered redhead, would attract a lot of players to her blackjack table, even Rain Man couldn’t cheat around her. The funniest ones are Cyclops as a DOT driver using his optic blasts to clear snow off roads and Colossus being a roadie for a metal band because, well, he’s made of metal.

While you’re checking out Snagajob, see if you can find a new job that matches your superpowers.

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