Weekly Comic Reviews for April 30, 2014

Welcome to my spoiler filled corner of the internet where I review comics. I will be here every week with a few reviews for the (usually) newest books. My ratings are simple. I don’t use—or really likenumber ratings. I go by Pass, Read, and Buy. See I told you it was simple. Now that we got that cleared up, let’s get to reviewing some comics!


Rai #1
Story by Matt Kindt | Art by Clayton Crain

Rai is a very interesting book. From the cover alone I want to love it. The book is about Japan in the year 4001. Everyone in Japan now lives in what is basically a giant tower in the sky, much like Cloud City or The Jetsons. The structure feels like a ship from Battlestar Galactica as well with its fake sun and resources. The nation of Japan is now run by an entity known only as “Father,” who has created such an excellent place to live that there have been no murders in a 1,000 years. The law is, however, upheld only by one guy: Rai. Things are now changing as a group of rebels are murdering people in an attempt to topple Father’s reign. Everything here feels like a mash up of other great stories; that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The problem for me is that the book was still a bit boring even with so much borrowed. They should have borrowed a better story or at least some better parts to fill it out. The art, however, is beautiful. I’m willing to keep reading just to see more shots of Rai looking like the bad ass futuristic samurai that he is.

My Recommendation: Read


Silver Surfer #2
Story by Dan Slott | Art by Laura Allred

This run for our favorite cosmic wave rider has felt so much like an homage to the past. I’m not complaining though; I love it. It feels like an old comic in a good way without forcing it down your throat. The story here feels a bit far fetched, even though it’s a comic about a silver guy who rides through space on a surfboard. I guess far fetched is kind of what all of the stories should be. There’s a hidden planet that’s powered by some all-powerful and all-knowing space goddess’s heart, and now she wants it back. Surfer is “hired” by the planet to kill the goddess, but some events occur that change everything. It’s obvious, but I’m gonna make you read the book to find out exactly what it is. Though I do love old comics, I’m much more a fan of the look current comics have. The art here is done very well, but in the old style. I can respect it, but it’s not my favorite to look at.

My Recommendation: Buy


Chimichangas #2,986

They’re still delicious.

My Recommendation: Buy! Buy! Buy!


Amazing Spider-Man #1
Story by Dan Slott | Art by Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba

That’s right we’re back to number one with this series—again. During the time that I’ve been reading comics, this has happened way to many times to this series. Every time something big happens, good or bad, it just jumps back to number one. It’s really annoying. (Lately, all comics seem to be doing this and I’m about to break off in an angry tangent here.) Anyways, on the heels of the greatest Spidey story in recent memory, a really low bar admittedly, the book picks up right where Superior Spider-Man leaves off. Immediately we see Spider-Man back to his old shenanigans, which really sucks. Spidey was truly superior when Doc Ock was the one running the show in his head. This issue is very entertaining though. It’s mostly just Peter reacting to everything that Doc Ock did to his life, while he was “away.” Such as getting Peter his Doctrine, setting up plans to marry his current girlfriend, and making him the CEO of his own company. There is also some hilarious moments of the Avengers and Human Torch making fun of the clearly rusty Spidey. The book looks great, but nothing too amazing. Also featured here are some shorts about where some of the other relationships of Peter’s currently stand. They were interesting enough, but did nothing except hype other books and future arcs for this book. Finally,  Inhuman #1 was icluded in this issue. It was (and still is) a mediocre book when it came out. It’s about that slow-moving fart gas they call the Terrigen Mist. This Mist is slowly making its way around the Earth and turning what appear to be “normal” people into Inhumans. Yep it’s as boring as it sounds.

My Recommendation: Buy

That’s it for this week. Come back next week for more comic book reviews, and chimichangas.