Week 5 NFL AFC Recap



The Clevleland Browns are tied for first in the AFC North with the Ravens and Bengals after defeating the Bills in the Thursday night matchup.  Browns QB Brian Hoyer left the game with a season ending knee tear, and Brandon Weeden stepped in to help lead his team to a 37-24 victory.  E.J. Manuel also exited the game with a knee injury, not quite as serious and apparently will only miss a few games.  The Bills cannot afford to lose any more games in a tough AFC East this year.  Browns now sit at 3-2, Bills 2-3


New England Patriots v Cincinnati Bengals

Tom Brady’s 52 consecutive games with a TD has come to an end, as the team failed to find the endzone in their 13-6 loss to the rising talent of the Bengals.  The Bengals have made the playoffs the last 2 years in a row, and look to continue that streak with a 3-way tie of 3-2 teams in the AFC North with the Browns, Bengals, and Ravens.  The Steelers are still looking for their first win as they sit at 0-4.  Patriots are at a not-so-comfortable 4-1 sitting on top of the AFC East, with the Dolphins and the Jet’s right behind them at 3-2.


NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

Ravens squeak out another win, this time against the Dolphins, who, yet again, failed to execute on a number of plays to win the game.  Mike Wallace is looking like his old self with 7 catches, 105 yards, and number of drops to go along with it.  Dolphins came into the season hot, and have somehow been cooling off in the Miami sun as they have lost their last 2 in a row.  Ravens still continue to remain tough and find a way to win, and locked in a 3-way tie for the AFC North.


Chiefs at titans

It’s looking more and more like a match-made-in-heaven between Andy Reed and the Chiefs.  Alex Smith has continued to be a leader for the team, as him, Jamal Charles, and a stout defense has lead the Chiefs to yet another victory, this time over the Titans.  The Chiefs remain undefeated at 5-0, and are tied with the Broncos for the AFC West.  They meet for the first time in week 11, and then again in week 13 to battle for the division title, while the Titans sit at 2-3, with 3 hard fought games that resulted in losses.