Waris: The Poison Ivy Story Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is great for many reasons. It can give any writer a preexisting world in which to tell stories. Or it can allow a story to exist for that random character, whom you see pass by on screen for eight seconds in a film. Here we have a writer telling a story about Poison Ivy, a top villain in DC Comics and more specifically, Batman comics. The title is Waris: The Poison Ivy Story written by Maude Delice.


The story is kind of all over the place, but in the defense of the writer, it isn’t finished yet. This tale is definitely one told in the same vein as a Tarantino film. This is not a bad thing by any means, and is actually kind of smart. When you are teased with seeing only parts of a story instead of the whole, you’re going to keep reading. It’s the same thing comics do all the time, and since this is based on a comic character, I have no beef with it. I do have beef with the inconsistent writing style. In the same chapter the story can go from detailed dialogue, to a generic scene description, and then end with a paragraph from a novel.

There is definitely a lot of aspects of this story that let you know right away this is from the mind of a fan. A naked woman laid across a bed smoking weed is the first thing that happens in chapter one, and it immediately sets the tone for the rest of the story. Everything, in all of the chapters, is very sexualized: a different Poison Ivy than we’re used to seeing. So far, the story is far beyond (BEYOND!) just the origin story I went in expecting. It’s more of a new take on the life of Ivy.


While there isn’t much of it here, the art is, a thing. I don’t care for it and in my opinion it doesn’t really capture who Poison Ivy is. I’m sure many out there will love the abstract style that is used, but it just isn’t for me. Whenever pictures do show up they just distract me and take away from the story rather than help.

The best (and most appealing) thing about fan fiction is that the fans are in control of the story. Although it’s generally not for me, I think fan fiction has it’s place and it’s definitely not going anywhere. I’m always up for reading a good story, regardless of who wrote it. This story, however, is not quite there. It doesn’t appear to be close to the end so it could easily pick up. I’ll keep a look out for more of it. If you are interested in checking it out for yourself then you can head over to theivyleaguegrad.tumblr.com and read the first four chapters.