But I Digress… Episode 31: A Review of ‘Fantastic Four’ (2015)

In case you didn’t see this in my updated Terminator: Genisys review, writing for GigaGeek Magazine is just one of the many hats I wear (one of which I plan to be Indiana Jones’ Stetson, but I digress).

See what I did there? An obvious but clever segue!

I also run my own YouTube channel where I have my own show called But I Digress. . . I usually talk about creativity/writing/storytelling, but I also do movie reviews and comedy sketches. What I’m sharing with you today is my latest episode: a review of the new Fantastic Four movie. It’s not quite as entertaining as my Terminator video, but it was a great discussion with my buddy and occasional co-host, Sergio Garza. Enjoy!

“But I Digress…”
Hosted by Nathan Marchand

I wasn’t planning on doing this, but since people kept asking me what I thought of the new Fantastic Four, I decided to make an impromptu video review of it. I invite my buddy Sergio Garza to join me as we–no surprise–riff on the movie and say the Roger Corman version is better. No joke.

Title card/thumbnail by Jarod Marchand (commission available at his DeviantArt page).

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