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Ubisoft and Sony to make a Watch Dogs movie

Ubisoft announced at the Sony Computer Entertainment press conference today during Gamescom that they will be partnering with Sony and New Regency to create a movie based on the highly anticipated open world adventure game Watch Dogs.

Columbia Pictures President of Production, Hannah Minghella, says that Watch Dogs’ themes and open styled gameplay combine to make this game perfect for the big screen.  The game is full of action and adventure with a focus on and control of information which will translate well to the movie going audiences.  Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures, says they will maintain a strong creative voice in the film which will build on the games excitement.


The movie, like the game, will focus on the hero, Aiden Pierce, who is a superhacker of sorts wanting to exact revenge for a violent family tragedy while making the entire city of Chicago his own personal weapon.