Top Japanese Gods that Deserve a Spot in Smite

Smite‘s newest addition of Amaterasu to the playable roster is not only interesting from a player’s perspective, but also for the potential additions that Japanese mythology could bring. The ritualistic Shinto religion has some truly awesome entities, adding a multitude of possible designs and game mechanics.

To celebrate the new Pantheon, I’ve compiled a list of candidates that need to be in my favorite MOBA. These choices are in no particular order. I’ll also add my thoughts on what class they could be categorized by in the game.

fujin raijin

Fujin and Raijin – Mage

Heroes of the Storm introduced an interesting cooperative character this year in the form of Cho’gall, adding an interesting layer to the MOBA scene. What better way for Hi-Rez to experiment with this than with Fujin and Raijin.

Fujin and Raijin are gods of wind and thunder respectively, being some of the oldest deities in Japanese culture. It’s also odd to not see them together both in myth and in pop culture, so it makes sense to attempt a cooperative character. Together with two players, these demons could bring about truly terrible storms that would leave even might Zeus scared.


Kappa – Mage

Aside from the hilarious comparison to one of the famous emoticons of Twitch, Kappa would make for an interesting comedic character for the Japanese Pantheon. Kappa are devious little creatures that try to pull their victims into rivers. Their downfall lies in their bowl-like heads full of water for if this becomes empty, they die.

As a Mage, Kappa could lay down tricky spells, spraying water all about. His ultimate could pull enemies into a river, similar to Sobek’s ultimate, but one that could isolate opponents for damage.


Hotei – Guardian

Every pantheon needs a few hefty Guardians to distract opponents and be the pillars of team fights. Hotei is prominently seen as a god of luck and wealth. Many statues can be found in Japanese homes, hopefully bringing prosperity to those who leave offerings.

Hotei could make for an interesting character in Smite, especially if Hi-Rez decided to add a way for Hotei to spread wealth and prosperity to the team. Doing so without upsetting balance could prove challenging, but it would be interesting to see a much more passive Guardian on the roster.


Susanoo – Warrior

Sure, Amaterasu is already a bad ass samurai, but why not open up the roster with even more katana wielders. Susanoo would make for an interesting Warrior, able to dish out damage or stay in the fight. Known for his battle against Orochi, there are few warriors more deserving than this guy.

Hi-Rez could certainly work into Susanoo’s design Orochi as well, either as a cool passive involving the many heads or an ultimate using this deadly dragon in some way.


Hare of Inaba – Assassin

The Norse Pantheon recieved a tiny, but mighty Assassin when Ratatoskr was released. Hi-Rez definitely had a blast designing the messenger squirrel, so it would make sense for them to do similar treatment for the Japanese rabbit. The Hare of Inaba also has connection to Amaterasu, once guiding her to a sacred mountain.

As a character, the Hare could also guide her allies into battle with plenty of buffs and heals. For damage, she could lead enemies away with a hypnosis like attack to pull them away and then follow up with a line dash. There’s also room for more cute characters in the roster.


Komainu – Warrior

Smite is particularly interesting with its non-human characters, such as Kukulkhan. Adding to that mix, the Komainu have an iconic design found guarding many Shinto shrines in Japan. Komainu are the guardians of special places, showing nobility or sacredness. They are usually fierce, warding off evil from these places.

Playing on the fact that these lion-like monsters are usually made of stone, Hi-Rez could add in a protective stone form that adds defense. Couple this with a pounce and a stun, would make for an interesting beast character.


Wow, the possibilities that the Japanese culture brings to Smite are staggering. There are so many creatures and deities I would love to see in the game.

What Japanese entities deserve a spot in Smite? Let us know, Giga Bytes.

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  1. i hope to see Orochi it would be fun to see how developers are going to bring eight headed snake to game=3

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