Today IS a Good Day to Drink!

The world is a little bit of a better place this week. It’s a week where Starfleet fanboys finally get to party like it’s 2299.

The consumer products arm of CBS Network where—Captain Kirk first strut his spatial stuff—announced this week an endeavor with the Federation of Beer to offer a new refreshment from Indiana’s Tin Man Brewing Company: “a bold beer suited for the harsh Klingon lifestyle.”

Warnog Beer, drawn from a blend of rye malt and character clove, makes its grand debut this week at the Vegas Nightclub & Bar Show. Full-scale release will follow in Canada in U.S. in the next few months.

The drink of honored warriors is the second such offering from CBS and the Federation, following the surprisingly popular Vulcan Ale, launched last year to help celebrate the centennial of an Alberta hamlet called. . . Vulcan. Because Romulan was, you know, lame.