Titans @ Texans week 2 recap

Titans at Texans

What a thriller this game was as it came down to the wire in regulation, and the as well in over time.  Texans rookie WR DeAndre Hopkins simply took over in crunch time.  Andre Johnson made a huge sideline catch to give the Texans a first in goal in regulation.  Foster took it in for a TD, then they got the 2 point conversion to tie it up.  With 4 last second FG attempts in regulation for Houston (after a time out by Titans to ice the kicker, then a penalty, then another time out), the kick that counted for Houston was short by the rookien kicker.  In over time, DeAndre Hopkins had a huge catch to get first and goal, and then a spectacular TD catch on 3rd down to win the game in overtime.  He finished with 7 catches 117yards and TD.  Texans advance to 2-0 on the season, with 2 last minute nail-biter games.