Titanfall: What’s All the Fuss About?

Titanfall, the beloved Xbox One title that took the FPS market by storm, has been out for a while now. So much hype and excitement, but what’s it all about? Why should you play this blockbuster over all of the others? Keep scrolling as we break down some differences and showstoppers that make this game so easy to pick up and even harder to put down.

“You’re Titan will be ready in 60 seconds.”

TitanIn Titanfall, the obvious main attraction is getting a giant mechanical Titan to play in. Initially, you earn a Titan in two minutes, starting at the beginning of the match. Once you receive your Titan, you can use it until it’s destroyed by the enemy team. The time it takes to get a new Titan will decrease with each kill and point you get in the game, so seconds get shaved off at a time. It doesn’t take long to get good enough at the game to be able to play in a Titan throughout the match, if that’s what you prefer. As you will see, there will be multiple Titans on the map at a time through the entirety of each game. This serves to give maps an incredibly dynamic feel. You’re small, Titans are huge, and buildings are even more massive.


Titanfall is simple, which may not come off as a positive attribute at first. As you choose each of your loadouts, you’ll notice that there are a handful of each type of gun or mechanic, and that’s it. So, while Call of Duty: Ghosts may have 10 different assault rifles to choose from, Titanfall has two. In fact, Titanfall  has only 10 primary weapons total, which may shock some people. However, this leads to a much simpler class setup, which in turn makes it more accessible to new players. The simplicity doesn’t stop there. Everything from attachments to perks are cut down to a minimum, and the game lacks camo for weapons  and killstreaks altogether.

Double Jumps and Wall Runs

Wall Run

We’ve already mentioned the size and dynamics of the maps in Titanfall as a pro. A huge part of this is due to double jumps and wall runs. A double jump is pretty self-explanatory: you jump once, then jump again while in the air to get an extra height or distance boost. Pilots have a jetpack attached to their backs at all times, which allows for the double jumping maneuver within the game. Wall runs are even more fun. Running up to a wall at an angle makes your pilot automatically run along the wall for a set distance; however, you are able to jump back and forth between walls or surfaces to perform a much longer wall run. These two maneuvers allow players to scale large buildings and Titans very quickly, creating a fast-paced environment that will constantly keep your adrenaline pumping.

Pilots vs Grunts vs Spectres

Pilots are human players within the game. In modes such as Pilot-Hunter, only Pilot-kills count toward your team’s score. There are two other types of enemies in every game, both of which are computer-controlled AI characters. Grunts, which are the least skilled enemy you’ll ever face in a game, are usually easy to pick off and get some quick points. Occasionally, one will sneak up and kill you from behind, but that’s quite rare. Grunts have very low amounts of health, and generally go after Pilots. Spectres on the other hand are just about the opposite. They hunt down Titans with heavy artillery, and have several times the health level of a Grunt. Both of these enemies are AI and allow new players to feel accomplished, even if they’re not getting 20 Pilot kills each match.

This Ain’t My First Rodeo


The first four perks here help Titanfall to be more accessible to new players, though this last one is my absolute favorite. When you come across a Titan in a match, you have three options: run, use your Anti-Titan weapon, or “rodeo” the Titan. To perform a rodeo, you just run up to a Titan (careful, they can smash you easily by walking over you) and jump high enough to reach the top. From there you simply press “X” at the prompt and you will plop down onto the top of it. Within a few seconds, you will rip off a piece of the Titan’s armor, exposing some wiring and internals. After that, it’s just a matter of shooting into that sensitive area for about 10 seconds or so (depending on your weapon of choice) and the Titan will be destroyed. Performing a rodeo is easily the most satisfying action I’ve ever experienced in an FPS. Do this a few times in one match, and you’ll be feeling like a total badass in no time, regardless of your skill-level or experience in the genre.

Keep in mind, there are options for the other player whose Titan you are attacking. Pilots (inside the Titan) will get an on-screen notification that an enemy is riding their Titan and will begin to see their health depleting. At that point, the Pilot can eject from the Titan and try to kill the attacking enemy. Pilots also have the option to deploy a dose of electric smoke if the Titan is equipped with it. This secondary weapon will kill the person on the Titan within just a few seconds. After all, all is fair in love and war.

What do you guys think of these pros? Did we miss something that keeps you coming back? Let us know if you’re liking the game while you’re at it!