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The Twisted Story Behind Five Nights At Freddy’s


By now, most people know about this point and click indie game that almost always results in jump scares. If you don’t, the premise is kind of, different. Players take control of a nighttime security guard at Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizza, essentially a knock off Chuck E Cheese. During the night, the main attraction of singing and dancing animatronic animals come to life. Players are tasked with keeping them in check and making sure nothing bad happens. For a good look at what the game’s about without experiencing the scares yourself, check out Markiplier, Pewdiepie, or The Game Grumps’ videos.

The game has caused many, many screams from its players over the past few months. On the surface it’s just that, a quick game to show to friends to make them scream. For the longest time, that’s what I thought too; however, beneath this deceptively simple game lies a darker tale.

I never played the first game, even though I’ve seen all of it played and bested by Markiplier. I saw the game’s plot unravel as Markiplier discovered things for himself. I loved learning the story and speculating on what could happen next. When the trailer for Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 came out though only months after the first, I will admit that I was more excited than I thought I could be.

The game’s launch was barely a whisper on the internet, but it quickly turned into a frantic wailing from gamers everywhere. Almost overnight, YouTube became a flooded place of commentaries and reactions. I added to that flood as well with my own video, but I’ll save that for the end. Anyways, when the sequel came out a great debate rose on whether this game took place before or after the events of the first game. Fans are still trying to piece together the story. This intrigued me. I had already delved into the story of the first game, which was pleasantly twisted by Game Theory, but I wanted to experience the new story first hand or at least lay out the facts and try to make sense of it myself.

Thus, I will be attempting to make a timeline of the events. Be warned that there are a few points that could throw off my reasoning. I’m also going to sit on the side of the fence that claim this game is a prequel as evidenced by the check gained at the end.

Golden Freddy could be one of the original animatronics. It's also possible that the diner had suits instead of machines...

Golden Freddy could be one of the original animatronics. It’s also possible that the diner had suits instead of machines…

Freddy Fazzbear’s Family Diner

This diner is mentioned by name during the phone call of Night 5. It was the place where Old Bonnie, Old Chica, Old Freddy, and Old Foxy come from originally. The diner was closed down due to some event, which the company denies or at least is trying to divert attention from. During the diner’s use, a former employee lured five children into a back room, killing them and stuffing them in the suits of the animatronics.

During Night 2, Phone Guy brings up the old robots as they don’t attack during the first night. He says they’re from the old establishment, which at the beginning of the game seems like the restaurant from the first game, but is actually the diner. “The idea at first was to repair them… uh, they even started retrofitting them with some of the newer technology, but they were just so ugly, you know? The smell…”

The smell he’s referring to is the smell of the bodies that were inside the old suits that are talked about in the first game in the news clippings. Not much else is known about this diner.

I’m also going to assume that if another game is made, Freddy Fazzbear’s Family Diner will be the setting since there are some unanswered questions that are raised during mini games in FNAF2. There’s a segment that tells the player to “give life.” The graphics are crude in this segment, but it definitely looks like the Marionette is giving life to the Old Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, and Freddy. Why the puppet has this power is a mystery? What role did it play in the horror involving this company?


Players will sometimes see the posters change. . .

11/7/1987 – 11/12/1987 – Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizza (Five Nights at Freddy’s 2)

This is the company’s finest establishment, filled with games, prizes, and of course pizza. The old animatronics were replaced with happier, sleeker models, which look friendlier than the old ones. These new models have a lot of money invested in them, adding facial recognition, advanced mobility, and access to a criminal database. A new Foxy was also going to be made, but the children kept messing up wires and pulling off parts. It became so frequent the staff didn’t bother to fix him anymore, letting the kids dismantle and assemble him as a game. This Foxy, later deemed the Mangle by the staff, has an obvious motive for wanting to enact pain, but for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why the new models wanted to kill the night guard so badly.

That is, until I thought about their access to a criminal database. In some shape or form, the player is a criminal and that’s what compels the new animatronics to attack. Jeremy Fitzgerald could be the original murderer of the children or he could be related to him. The robots could be seeing the resemblance and become mistaken. Either way, there’s a connection there. What’s even more interesting is that Jeremy is asked on Night 6 to attend a birthday party as the last event to be held.

Foxy Easter egg

The Bite of ‘87

During the first game, the Phone Guy mentions this terrible tragedy that happened during 1987. It is not mentioned in the second game, so one can assume that it happened afterwards, probably on the birthday party mentioned above. A victim was bit by one of the animatronics, taking most of the person’s brain. It’s unclear which animatronic is to blame, but many believe it to be Foxy or Freddy.

This incident effectively ruined the company’s reputation. A lot of money was lost due to law suits and the investigations that took place. No longer were the animatronics allowed to roam during the day, as evidenced by the first game’s first phone call. That and the old animatronics from the diner had to be repaired on a low budget, which also explains the power outages.

I think the victim of the Bite of ’87 was indeed Jeremy Fitzgerald. On his assignment to watch the animatronics closely during the birthday party, he simply couldn’t hide behind the mask or use his flashlight during the day. This made him known as the criminal he is to the robots, who in turn were trying to protect the children. This idea also brings to light which robots were brought to the birthday party. Seeing as how the old robots were ugly and smelled bad, I’m assuming Fazzbear Entertainment would bring in the new models. One could also assume that The Mangle was left behind, due to its appearance. Those models were then probably apprehended by the police or forcibly dismantled, which would explain the need to repair the old ones.

Contrary to many gamers, Chica is a chicken... Let's eat!

Contrary to many gamers, Chica is a chicken… Let’s eat!

Freddy Fazzbear’s Pizza (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

This restaurant is much smaller than the last, a shadow of the glory days. The building clearly lacks the attention it needs, evident by the multiple rooms in disarray. Not only that, but only so much power is allowed per night, putting the night guard in quite the situation when the robots start to get restless.

I don’t think there needs to be a lot of detail put into this area, since the original game has been out for a while. Just know that the night guard here was fired for tampering with the machines. I also like the idea of this place being a nightmare for the victim of the Bite of ’87 or some sort of purgatory. However, by this point, the past events are more helpful for unraveling the plot. Much of the game’s backstory comes from the newspaper clippings that appear in this game, aside from Phone Guy of course.

If you're too nervous to play the game, I recommend Markiplier's playthrough.

If you’re too nervous to play the game, I recommend Markiplier’s playthrough.

Holes in the Timeline

While I’ve written that the original murders happened before the events of Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 for the sake of this timeline making sense, it could have happened during the end of that week. Phone Guy tells the player on Night 6 that one of the suits was stolen and was used in, something. He doesn’t explain what the suit was used in previously, but he does say it’s the yellow one or Golden Freddy. This means someone could be using the suit after night six to murder children or at least recreate the murders. It’s also said on Night 4 of FNAF2 someone has tampered with the animatronics and their facial recognition is messed up. That person is fired during the day of Night 5 as a new position has opened up for Jeremy to take.

Another problem with my timeline is we have to assume Jeremy is a criminal. He could have just been caught up in the mess because the robot’s facial recognition was messed with. However, if he was, then there would be little reason for the New Freddy, Bonnie, and the others to attack. Therefore, I have to stick by the idea of Jeremy being a bad guy.

The Marionette is one of the few enemies in the game to lack an endoskeleton. What is this thing really?

The Marionette is one of the few enemies in the game to lack an endoskeleton. What is this thing really?

A third game could completely throw off my ideas. There’s still the mystery of the Marionette. It seems to be the most powerful being of the game, held at bay only by the music box. He also seems to be the one who tethered the souls of the murdered children to the animatronics. Makes me wonder if the Marionette is the fifth child most say is inside Golden Freddy. The previous diner could have also used suits instead of machines. Before that, Fazzbear Entertainment could’ve been using puppets, so the Marionette could be much older than the rest.

Either way, the foggy story details add to the depth of the game in ways that are much scarier than the jumping monsters. Researching this almost drove me insane, as certain details were vague, but overall it’s been awesome to speculate.

Maybe one day the creator of these games will clarify exactly what happened in the game’s back story. Until then, I’ll be waiting for another game in this vastly interesting series.

If you’d like to see my reaction to the game, watch the video below. Stay cool, everyone.