The One I love

The One I Love Review

I really wanted to love The One I Love, but sadly that was not the case. It’s definitely not a bad movie, but it certainly isn’t great either. It’s one of those cases where the description is more interesting than the actual movie. The One I Love stars Mark Duplas (Ethan) and Elisabeth Moss (Sophie) as a married couple, who, in an attempt to save their marriage, spend a weekend at a resort. During their first night exploring the property, the couple finds a guest house. They soon discover when they go into the guest house alone, they meet an exact copy of their spouse, a slightly better copy of the original.

At first, Ethan and Sophie are fine with their spouse spending time with the copy of themselves, but that doesn’t last long. Sophie falls in love with her copy of Ethan, which drives original Ethan crazy-especially when Ethan realizes the copy of him has been calling his friends and family in an attempt to learn information about Ethan only the original Ethan/those close to him would know. Sophie on the other hand never seems to care what Ethan’s doing with the copy of herself. It’s hard to blame her though. Her actual husband is a bit of a wet blanket, and they’re only on this trip because he’d recently cheated on her.

The going in and out of the guest house gets pretty old after the first few times; I thought that was literally going to be whole film. No one else really appears in this movie besides Ethan and Sophie’s therapist (Ted Danson). It may have been more enjoyable if there were more interactions with other characters. My newly discovered love for Mark Duplas kept me going, and I also enjoyed watching Elisabeth Moss.

Most of the mystery is left unexplained, which in this case was disappointing rather than intriguing. Eventually Ethan and Sophie do meet up with their copies and have an incredibly tense double date. The copies were originally plotting to turn the originals against each other, possibly the only way for the copies to get off the resort if the originals can’t make up.

It’s never really explained how the copies ever came to be, which drove me crazy. There are photographs of other couples there, so how were those copies created and are the Ethan and Sophie copies just those other copies in a new form? This situation is too complicated to be left unexplained. I think this could have been a better story if it wasn’t trying to be sci-fi, but I don’t really know what else it could be. Sadly, this film just didn’t really click with me. I think it’s worth a watch, but ultimately a little disappointing.