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The Legends of Heroes Indiegogo Campaign

The Legends of Heroes Indiegogo Campaign
By: Stephanae Turner
Edited By: J.A.Montemoiño
GIGA STaff Thumbs Steph
What it is:
The prestigious Children’s Hospital of Denver,CO, will take part in this special event hosted by a giving spirit of comic-buff fandom who comes to the less fortunate in the name of community outreach.  Stephanae Turner and many others will be hands-on to bring a ray of sunlight to the patients, and faculty.

150+ patients of the Children’s Hospital will enjoy this festive gala celebrating the arts, games, laughter, and youth which will have special mystery guests in attendance. The organizer has only the community as her source of motivation.  Lend us a hand and together we can support this sure-to-be memorable event that will certainly entertain these young patients in trying times.

During the event
• I Stephanae, will personally get to know each and every child’s name and favorite hero.
• Each and every pediatric patient will receive a custom 10×12 painting of their favorite hero as well as receive an authentic and collectible boxed figure of their hero.
• Attendees will enjoy a 4-5 hour guest visit from the Heroes Alliance of Colorado so all of our favorite caped and masked super heroes will be available live and in costume to enliven the affair.

• A professional photographer will be on hand to capture families and friends attending this charitable occasion.
• Beverages, Catering, Photo’s will all covered by charitable donations. The Cost to cover this extravaganza is approx.. $4,000.00 and we need to raise that in 60 days.

We hope you can and will donate but even if you can’t, have no worries that’s perfectly ok because just you taking the time to acknowledge this project and getting the word of mouth out there is worth so much. But if you DO what to donate =) … (Yay!)… any amount is welcomed but there are other bonus perks for donating specific amounts ($10, $25, $50, $100). So let’s get to it and make this thing happen! Once again thank you for all of time and effort!!

Stephanae Turner *MaidenAmerica

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Edited by: Jacques A. Montemoiño