Tainos Hidden Treasures – Marietta GA.


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Welcome to Tainos Hidden Treasures
Since ancient times stones,gems and metals were believed to possess healing and mystical properties.These gems and metals, through their vibrational attributes, provided the wearer with physical, mental, and spiritual support. Today scholars have studied these properties in depth and have conclusively shown, through research and testing, that various gems and stones embody electrical energies that interact with the human electromagnetic field/energy.For example Crystal can impact and improve mental clarity and Quartz can help increase energy. I believe stones,gems and metals can greatly facilitate our spiritual, mental and physical edification and assist us in our walk through life’s journey. For more than 20years I have created signature pieces using various gems,stones and metals and due to the love for my art I am constantly on a quest to learn all I can. I put my love,heart and soul into each piece I craft. Take a look around and enjoy.