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NoScope Gaming Glasses – Gimmick?

Professional gaming used to be a thing made fun of by most entertainment platforms. Back in the early 2000s, the only ones who dared broadcast high level competitive gaming was G4. Most “pro” gaming took place during LAN parties in organized events like the legendary, high-profile Doom deathmatch tourneys or the underground Super Smash Bros […]

The Kishin

In-Depth with the Soul Eater Manga

A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body. – Maka Albarn Soul Eater is a blast to watch in its anime form. From the driving guitar riff of its opening; to the fluid, over the top animation; to the tender moments between characters; there’s a lot to love in this series. After […]


Attack On Titan Live Action Movie – A Bleak Spin on the Series

Attack on Titan swept across the world like the titular Titans in their assault on humanity. Soon, Mikasa, Eren and Armin became household names to anime fans everywhere. Conventions filled with Survey Corps members, all clad in tan and white, their green cloaks draped over their shoulders. It’s a phenomenon  that has spurred one season […]

halo 5 featured

Halo 5: Fun with Friends, but Lacks Cohesive Narrative

The Halo Universe has never been known for a groundbreaking story. Novels and other projects have sought to expand it, but the series never really seemed to excel at narrative. Halo defined a console and added a new level of interaction among gamers across the world. Sure, online play existed before Halo, but Xbox Live […]

Featured Image Mario Maker

Mario Maker Hands Players the Keys to the Mushroom Kingdom

Ever since my early days of squawking at my cousin Axl to let me play Super Mario Bros 3 during his summer visits, I’ve wanted to make my own Mario levels. I even drew out a few during those humid months, using crayons, markers, anything I could get my hands on. The toys in my room […]