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Nintendo Quest

Nintendo Quest Charts One Man’s Journey for NES Glory

Jay Bartlett grew up like a lot of kids who lived in the late 80s and into the 90s. During that time, Nintendo became a household name in a matter of weeks, decimating sales across the country and establishing flagship characters as popular, or more so by now, than Disney’s cartoons. Ask most people of […]


Indie Game Alert: A Clumsy Adventure

Take a little running, add some well timed jumps with a dash of simple physics, and you have Excamedia’s A Clumsy Adventure. Planned as a PS Vita title, Excamedia looks to bring back some classic gaming difficulty on the go. There is definitely no attempt to reinvent the wheel here, but the simplicity is endearing. […]



Build your own spacecraft pixel by pixel and destroy each pixel of over 430 unique invaders. Each color has a unique ability, unlocked by attaching it to your ship, and lost if destroyed. Additional pixel power-ups can be collected, and you can rearrange them however you like, every 5 levels. Use mouse pointer to select […]