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Cosplay Spotlight: The Jokumi

Name/alias                                     The Jokumi Location                                           Singapore When was your first cosplay?     2001/2 What was it?                                     Noriyasu Seta from Love Hina with a shovel Cosplay achievements                WCS Team Singapore – 2013 WCS Team Singapore – 2014 Cosplay pet peeve   That girl cosplayers will always have the prettier selection of costumes that I won’t have the opportunity to do.  What inspired you to get into cosplay? […]

Berserk Vol 1

Manga Series: Guts’ Adventure Begins – Berserk Volume 1 Review

*Warning: this post contains some explicit language and description* Few manga manage the impressive feat of telling you everything you need to know and can expect within the first five pages. Berserk opens up with the main character, Guts, making love to a woman by the fire only  to reveal herself as a demon mid-climax. […]


Manga Series: Phoenix Volume 1

Volume one, titled Dawn, of the twelve part Phoenix series takes place in the earliest time period of the series, early Japan. The story follows the main character, Nagi, in the aftermath of the slaughter of his tribe at the hands of a foreign invasion. Taken as a slave by Saruta, the commander of the […]