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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Avengers

So, the wonderful people at DK publishing teamed up with Marvel to release Marvel’s The Avenger’s Encyclopedia. Granted, when you see the word encyclopedia, “fun” is probably the furthest thing from one’s mind, but reading is fundamental, right? It is just what it says it is: a comprehensive look at one of Marvel’s most expansive and […]


Narratives with Multiple Layers: Age of Ultron

Rather than following the review trend of saying whether a movie is worth seeing, I’ll be bypassing that whole tradition as many of my readers cannot be persuaded or convinced either way. Therefore, I’m going to use Age of Ultron as a prime example for something that interests me as a writer and consumer: multi-layered […]

A bunch of Spider-Men

The Hardest Ever Marvel Comics Quiz

How much do you know about the Marvel Universe? A lot? Like, a lot, a lot? In celebration of Free Comic Book Day, this Saturday, May 2, put your knowledge to the test. MorphCostumes (formerly Morphsuits) has designed a Marvel Comics quiz to challenge even the most devoted fans. Once you’re done with the quiz, […]


Comic Book Academia: 100 Things Avengers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

There are few names that hold as much awe in the entertainment industry as Marvel does. From humble beginnings as Timely Comics to the film powerhouse that is Marvel Studios, there has been more content flowing from these minds than almost any other group. So much so, that there is seemingly no way to know […]


Weekly Comic Reviews for April 30, 2014

Welcome to my spoiler filled corner of the internet where I review comics. I will be here every week with a few reviews for the (usually) newest books. My ratings are simple. I don’t use—or really like—number ratings. I go by Pass, Read, and Buy. See I told you it was simple. Now that we […]