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VERTOSCOPE: A Look Into the Dark Side

Most stories try to get the audience to relate to the protagonist. A likable main character is an easy sell, it’s hard to get people to look into the uncomfortably warped reality of villains. Stories about villains do exist, but they are rare. In this 200-page graphic anthology, VERTOSCOPE adds more entries to that niche. […]



Sitting in a darkened room, with the sounds of Shrek creeping through a wooden door in Sydney, NS Kane is typing away at a keyboard, plotting  a plot. New to comics, she is an aspiring writer from the Land Down Under and is hoping to become another Australia comic-success story, following in the foot steps […]

Art by Jarod Marchand.

Derbalan Shuffle: A Unique RPG Card Game on Kickstarter

I recently had a chance to interview Cameron Miller, founder of the gaming company PuppyCat Productions, about his first ever game, Derbalan Shuffle, which he’s funding now on Kickstarter. This is a card-based RPG that in many ways is the antithesis of Dungeons & Dragons. “The original inspiration for Derbalan Shuffle was Munchkin,” he says. […]


Disciples of the Storm Brings a PC Classic into the Future

Classic PC gaming has always been a bit of an enigma to me. I didn’t get a chance to spend time with Doom, Mech Warrior or Starcraft. Even during those times, PC gaming was more of a niche than it is today. Pirating was super easy and a norm for the culture. Players would often have […]

Song of Horror

Song of Horror is on Kickstarter!

UPDATE: It’s BACK!  Song of Horror are back on kickstarter and even better. Don’t forget to show your support. Tweet, follow and spread the word. #IndieDev #SupportIndies! UPDATE: Unfortunately, funding for Song of Horror was unsuccessful; however, developers continue to work and haven’t let this throw them off of creating an awesome game. You don’t […]