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songbringer title screen

Songbringer Preview – An Epic, Pixelated Adventure

Giga Geek Magazine was gifted with access to an early build of the game. All of the opinions in this article are for that early version, some things are subject to change as more is developed. Independent developers never cease to amaze me. Some of my favorite games of all time have come from these […]


Fan-Powered He-Man Documentary Hits Kickstarter

Recently, Giga bore witness to the majesty that is Nintendo Quest, an excellent documentary detailing the story of one man seeking to collect every retail NES game. Rob McCallum and the gang will be working with the makers of another 80s pop-culture-fueled documentary, Turtle Power, a piece on the history and influence of the Ninja […]


VERTOSCOPE: A Look Into the Dark Side

Most stories try to get the audience to relate to the protagonist. A likable main character is an easy sell, it’s hard to get people to look into the uncomfortably warped reality of villains. Stories about villains do exist, but they are rare. In this 200-page graphic anthology, VERTOSCOPE adds more entries to that niche. […]


Levl Up Bros Seeks to Make a Home for Early Access Titles

Early Access titles seem to be what all the cool kids are doing in the game designing world for better, but more often for worse. From the excellent uses of the system found in Starbound to the terrible lack of attention that destroyed The Stomping Land, Early Access as a term comes with a bit […]

Little girl standing in front of an open mouth holding a white animal

Indie Alert: Pulse Review

I didn’t know what to expect when I first read the unique concept of Pulse: Journey as Eva, a young girl who [h]as lost her sight at an early age, and has since developed the unique capability to see the world around her through sound. This first-person adventure allows players see what Eva “sees”: a […]