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The Kishin

In-Depth with the Soul Eater Manga

A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body. – Maka Albarn Soul Eater is a blast to watch in its anime form. From the driving guitar riff of its opening; to the fluid, over the top animation; to the tender moments between characters; there’s a lot to love in this series. After […]


Cosplay Spotlight: The Jokumi

Name/alias                                     The Jokumi Location                                           Singapore When was your first cosplay?     2001/2 What was it?                                     Noriyasu Seta from Love Hina with a shovel Cosplay achievements                WCS Team Singapore – 2013 WCS Team Singapore – 2014 Cosplay pet peeve   That girl cosplayers will always have the prettier selection of costumes that I won’t have the opportunity to do.  What inspired you to get into cosplay? […]


Attack On Titan Live Action Movie – A Bleak Spin on the Series

Attack on Titan swept across the world like the titular Titans in their assault on humanity. Soon, Mikasa, Eren and Armin became household names to anime fans everywhere. Conventions filled with Survey Corps members, all clad in tan and white, their green cloaks draped over their shoulders. It’s a phenomenon  that has spurred one season […]

Eien Strife

Giga At Tsubasacon 2014: Eien Strife

There are two things that I look forward to in October: my birthday and Tsubasacon. Lucky for me those two things happen on the same weekend. It’s probably the only anime convention in West Virginia and it is becoming one of my favorites. Last year I got to hang with David Vincent, the voice of […]


Final Fantasy XV: It’s been a long time coming…

Information on the newest Final Fantasy game has been sparse at best. As a long time fan, I drool over anything Square Enix puts out, but for the past five years or so I haven’t had the same hype I used to have. My first PlayStation game was Final Fantasy VII, what many consider to […]