Sigh . . . E3 2014

You may have noticed the  lack of E3 fan fair (unlike most geeky sites) on Giga. I must admit, it’s my fault. After covering E3 (from the comfort of my home) for the past two years, I have grown a bit numb and have lost much interest in the great spectacle that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. No, I’m not jealous of the lucky people who get to peruse the upcoming games, take pictures with  booth babes, swim through crowds of people, and stand in long lines for hours, nor have I lost interest in my geekiness. I guess . . . I guess I just don’t care.

Or maybe I just don’t like to be repeatedly teased and roused for 30 seconds for games I may not see for years or ever. When a game is about a month away from its release, go ahead and announce it, get me excited, but if it’s still a year in the making, don’t make me hate you. If it sounds interesting, I’ll still try it out; I don’t need six years to decide whether or not I’m interested in a game. Don’t get me wrong, seeing an awesomesauce trailer or some great gameplay can be entertaining, but what if what you see is not the final product (i.e. Forza or Aliens: Colonial Marines)?

The drama, hype, and pageantry surrounding E3 isn’t very appealing either. Console against console, company against company, who had the best press conf—sigh. All this hype to watch a guy (most of the time) give a stiff delivery of a memorized script. The attempts to throw in an awkward joke or two makes me cringe. The press conferences are always so mechanical rather than being relaxed and fun, like a bunch of friends talking about cool sh**. Cheesy? Yes, but I’m sure it would be better than what we’re getting now. Even Aisha Tyler tried her best to pump some life into E3 2012.

Checking my Facebook feed was enough for me, and I was still excited when something interesting popped up. Honestly, if someone stood on a stage and read a list of games along with headlines from any media outlet covering E3 (i.e. “Your PS4 Friends Don’t Need Far Cry 4 to Play Far Cry 4,” “The Last of Us: Remastered PS4 Release Date Announced,” “The New Zelda Is Open-World, Looks Absolutely Incredible,” “Bloodborne Is Coming to PS4 Straight From the Minds of Dark Souls”) I would be quite satisfied.

Maybe when I’m finally able to go, I’ll be more excited and understand the greatness of E3. Til then, I’ll continue to write about the indie games that deserve a moment in the spotlight.