healing polymer

Self healing polymer can heal itself in two hours

healing polymerWhat if you got some injury, like if you got cut from blades or any instruments on your body? Yes definitely we use some medicines for healing our wounds. Not only this if our injury is minor than we never use any kinds of drugs instead it will get heal itself after few days. Healing our wounds is a kind of natural process but it takes long hours for healing but now the scientist has found new research that is polymer which can heal itself within two hours.  The researcher Ibon Odriozola at Centre of Electrochemical Technologies has created a polymer which has the ability to heal itself. The self healing polymer is comprised of a poly (Urea-Urethane) elastomeric matrix, a network of complex mocular interactions which spontaneously cross-link to “Heal” most any break. During the healing process in this polymer there is no need of any outside intervention to start its healing process, no extra reactant neither any catalyst is required. The researcher has able to show a sample cut in half with a razor blade at room temperature which get healed the cut portion with 97% efficiency within two hours. The reaction process occurred during this process is called Metathesis reaction.

The Metathesis reaction has led Ibon to dub the material his “Terminator” polymer, in reference to Terminator 2’s T-1000. That is an apt comparison, since this homogenous material resembles the thick liquid of T-1000’s interior.  There are lots of self-healing materials but they require catalyst and layering but this self healing polymer doesn’t need any sorts of catalyst and layering. This self healing polymer is a kind of squishy and somewhat soft. After it get heal where it was cut will never be separated again even my pulling harder by people. If this technique is used in our computing system than definitely the Artificial Intelligent which we are using and inventing will be incredible and unbelievable.