Sammantha’s Game Spotlight

~Game Spotlight~

Title-God Mode

Genera- 3rd Person Shooter

Studio/publisher-Saber Interactive

Platform- Multiplatform

Age Rating: [RATED M]

Theme-God Mode at first glance seems like any other 3rd person shooter, and in a sense it is. God Mode wastes no time in throwing you straight into the action, the game features 5 levels of up to 4 player hoard style combat. The game can be played alone, however is best played in groups. The story line is very light and can be very easily missed in the time you are spending shooting Cyclopes in the face. Controls feel a bit sticky and slow at times; this problem seems to pose a big threat while in large boss battles but otherwise is decent.
Replay value for these types of Co-Op games are usually very minimum (remember Payday the heist?) However God mode introduces a feature that will change the map each time it is played. Usually the thing that has changed is something small like unlimited ammo and other times bombs will be flying through the sky. These variations are aimed to cause you to switch your play style each time. The game itself is $10.00 or 800 Microsoft points. The game sells for a cheap price and you more or less get what you pay for.
Why I liked it- If you are into shooting guns and shooting monster faces, this game is defiantly for you. I like that it throws you straight into the action. However at the same time I don’t like the down play of story line. Co-Op was as I expected it, nothing to different there. The thing I caught me the most was the Test of faith. How the boards changed slightly. You wouldn’t think that slight changes would affect your gameplay styles so much, but they really do. I liked the Price; $10.00 is a good price for this game. It doesn’t have much substance to it, so anything more would have been overkill. I enjoyed the game is offered a lot of action and sometimes that’s all you need.