Redskins @ Packers – Week 2 Preview

Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI

Game Time Weather Forecast: Cloudy, 56 Deg, Winds 3 MPH SE, 25% Chance of Rain

Both Aaron Rodgers and Robert Griffen III look to lead their teams to victory, after both lost in tough match-ups in Week 1. It seems that RGIII will have a tougher battle than Mr. Rodgers, seeing as he’s taking his battle to Green Bay, where the Packers seldom falter. Both teams put up similar yards last week, but the teams they played may have a large impact on the outcome of this week.

The Redskins lost to a reshaping team in the Philadelphia Eagles, where the Packers lost to a powerhouse on a potential Super Bowl run. It should be a good game, but it seems as though the Packers are likely to win this battle for the home crowd.

Vegas odds: @Packers(fav) -7 Redskins(underdog)