PS4 Virtual Reality Headset to be Showcased at TGS

It is generally accepted the next major evolution of gaming is virtual reality (i.e. Gamer but without the whole criminal avatar situation). Unfortunately, when some veteran gamers hear the word “virtual” they may have horrid memories of the Nintendo Virtual Boy rush to mind. I apologize for even reminding you of the horrible invention. Sony has plans to bring us the future in 2013 with a custom built PS4 VR headset, which will be shown at TGS (Tokyo Game Show).



According to (CVG), Sony originally planned on revealing the headset at Gamescom (8/21-8/25), but plans fell through at the last minute. The time seems right heading into TGS 2013 (9/18-9/22) and we will be able to hear more concrete details about just how the headset will be utilized and marketed.

For those that do not know, there is another VR headset hitting the market as well and it has quite a bit of industry support. The Oculus Rift will be in direct competition with Sony’s headset. Oddly enough, there were/are rumors that there was to be a merger of technology at one point, so only the future will truly tell where the majority of the market share will go at the end of the day.



For those worried this addition will increase the price of the system, fear not. Like the PlayStation Eye, the VR headset will be sold separately to keep the cost of the system as low as possible.

Also, R&D has already begun to develop titles that will utilize the new technology as soon as possible. CVG received word that Evolution Studios is working to create a revolutionary cockpit view using the headset. To that end, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, suggested that further R&D was underway: “Y’know, we’re Sony, so we have lots of different things and different ideas in R&D.” He went on to say, “When it comes to researching things, we are doing a lot of things that we can’t talk about.”

As a cynic, I find it difficult to believe this is going to be the game changer it has the potential to be. Consumers these days are very weary of adopting new technology and if early sales numbers do not ring to developers, we may see this fall to the wayside quickly. The PlayStation Eye had grand potential, but a lack of support from third party developers and little to no promotion led to less than stellar sales. Assuming Drive Club can utilize this tech effectively, it would definitely be a positive step towards this being more than just a gimmick, but only time will tell.

~the Ace of Spades