Playstation 4 Release Date…Maybe

Well, it looks like Sony is attempting to completely turn the tables on Microsoft by jumping into the next-generation first. According to a mod-verified gaffer (someone the site recognizes as giving generally legit information), a release date for an “unnamed Sony console” just hit the retail company he works for. In previous instances, such as the release of updated slim systems like the PS3 or Xbox 360, the dates came with a specific system title. When the Wii U and Vita were released, however, they came listed as “unnamed Nintendo console” or “unnamed Sony console” respectively.

Now, if this is true and the PS4 does drop next month, let us take a moment to wrap our heads around this: 1) We all probably thought we had another month to save up for one if you have not already swiped your credit card for it on reserve. 2) The PS4 and Battlefield 4, one of the bigger titles coming out for the holiday season, will be released in the same month so there goes more bank for retailers 3) Will this really give Sony a big enough jump on Microsoft? Personally, I think this is along the lines of a timed exclusive and the people that really want the Xbox One over the PS4 are not going to jump ship just because Sony dropped first. The people on the fence, however, may be swayed simply because of availability.

I have never been a fan of surprises and I hate waiting, but it seems I have to deal with both in one shot. Is this the real date? We will all have to wait and see.


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