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Peter Molyneux and 22Cans Make a Splash with Godus

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Keith DePalma     Editor-In-Chief/Author Gaming4Respect.com

When Peter Molyneux speaks, you simply listen. Molyneux is one of the most prestigious game developers in history. Molyneux left his home at Microsoft’s Lionhead Studios, where he helped create one of my favorite Xbox IP’s, Fable. Molyneux went on to create an indie development studio, 22Cans. 22Cans’ first project was Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? where over six months, millions around the world tried to figure out what was at the center of the Cube.

A lad named Brian was the one who finally got to the center of the Cube, and what he found will absolutely change his life. 22Cans is also creating a game called Godus (a God game where players mold the world around them), and Brian has not only won the right to be “God of God’s” but also will receive royalties from the games sales. Molyneux again has revolutionized the gaming industry, and in an E3 full of innovation, he strides his way in front of everyone else yet again.

Godus is a game experience Molyneux and 22Cans want everyone, across every platform to play. They want Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and more users to all be able to experience the game and interact with each other via the Cloud. This is quite a daunting task, but when Molyneux is on the project, anything is possible.

Players will take control of their world with two characters running around. These players will begin to build housing, mate and multiply, work to create a more complete world around them by building more buildings and eventually battle it out with other worlds (or maybe even Brian). Players get to control how easy (or difficult) the lives of their citizens by removing rocks and trees to make building easier. Players can also mold the world around them with the slide of a mouse or a finger. Shaping the landscape and waterfront, adding your own creations and more are all possible in Godus.

How does Brian come into play? Well, Brian can actually determine an insane amount of how your people act in the game. Brian can make your people work twice as hard on Tuesdays, worship him half the day on Wednesday and even tell them not to leave their houses on Sundays. Brian has complete control over how players will be able to experience this game. While Brian determines how your little villagers act, he is also responsible for moral decisions, like if your people will use contraceptives or continue to breed offspring like rabbits.

Players can also form clans and eventually have the opportunity to become Brian. Clans can choose to follow Brian (as the “God of Gods”) or to follow their own God, and in six months, someone has the opportunity to challenge Brian to become the “God of Gods.” This battle will be determined by a couple of factors, and while it seems Brian may have the upper hand, things might work out completely differently. Brian’s powers during this challenge are determined by one simple factor, how many followers he has. The more people who follow Brian as their “God of Gods,” the more power he will have against the challenger. If Brian is a terrible “God of Gods” and players stop following him, he will have little power when taking on the challenger in six months.

As with all things Peter Molyneux, many details will continue to flock out over the comings months. Eventually (when the game is ready) we will know when we will be able to get our hands on it. Molyneux and the rest of 22Cans actually give weekly updates on the Official 22Cans YouTube Channel. Check out the Kickstarter video 22Cans did to first break down what Godus is, and stay tuned to GaminG4Respect for any news related to the project. While Molyneux does plan to bring Godus to next-gen consoles, he is more focused on how we currently live our lives, on the go, instead of in the living room.


By on June 13, 2013