Paid Apps Make the World a Better Place


Applications are a funny thing. Everyone wants super high-quality apps, but no one wants to pay for them. Android has done exceptionally well on the free side of things since day one; however, iOS has been on the other end of the spectrum. Almost all of the greatest apps on the platform cost $0.99 or more. The thing is, most of us use apps for everyday life. We use our apps day in and day out to get through each day. Why would it bother anyone to pay one whole dollar for an app they would use for months and months, if not years?

The answer to this is unknown to me. I have paid for multiple apps on many occasions (I am totally addicted to Twitter apps) and it doesn’t bother me. We live in a culture where it’s normal to pay a giant corporation like Starbucks $3–4 for a cup of coffee, but paying a small developer $1 for an app is too much: the double standard is apparent. Developers cannot continue to develop new and improved applications if no one is willing to pay for the product. The last thing I want is for every app to have ads every time I click on something; that scenario is far more exhausting than just paying for the app up front.

There have been loads of smaller developers who have been forced to abandon their app support altogether, simply because no one is paying. These types of developers are required to work full-time jobs elsewhere to get by, which means they have even less time to work on your favorite application. I know this battle has been incredibly frustrating for some developers. Help us turn the tides, support a great developer today and go buy some great apps.

If you’re into Twitter and you have an iPhone, Tweetbot is where you want to start. It’s a fully loaded Twitter client that’s completely customizable and was just recently updated to include iOS 7 optimizations (and let me tell you, it’s flippin’ sweet). For those of you on the Android side, Talon is a newer Twitter client that will blow your socks off as well. It’s even more robust than the aforementioned client, including a multitude of themes, customizable notifications, and support for editing your Twitter profile.

Talon for Twitter

Some of you may be Android enthusiasts who love to change your home screen at least three times a week. If that’s you, check out Action Launcher Pro, a replacement launcher for your Android home screen. It replaces the usual app drawer with one on the left side, which can be accessed by long swiping to the right. Not only that, if you long swipe to the left from anywhere in your phone, you’ll see a customizable page of apps for easy access. Give it a shot, I know you’ll love it. While you’re at it, follow the developer on Twitter.

Action Launcher Pro

Don’t stop here my friends. If you know of a paid app that deserves to be seen, drop a comment here and let all your friends know.