The Colony – Trailer

PLOT: After a new ice age wreaks havoc on the earth, small pockets of survivors take shelter underground. One such group, led by the compassionate Briggs (Lawrence Fishburne) is faced by factions within, led by the sadistic Mason (Bill Paxton) that want to take control of the colony. However, the biggest threat comes from outside, […]

The Thinker

-The Thinker- What skills do you have that technology has made obsolete? ~Naxy

Cosplay of the Week

Aaron Einhorn ************************************* Welcome everyone to another fantastic Friday! Stephanae here bringing you more within the cosplay realm! As great heroes go, nothing beats it more than ones goal to aid to the ones in need more than anything, with Heroes Alliance it does just that. Aaron Einhorn is one of the proud members of […]

The Thinker

–The Thinker– What toys did you love as a child that kids today would not tolerate? ~Naxy