Ouch! Couch Turns Pranksters into Pixels

The Janoskians, a group known for developing pranks and challenges, have over a million subscribers. Being that they are avid gamers, the Janoskians decided to bring their humor to the gaming world. Game developers often pull from pop culture in an attempt to blend mediums to an often terrible, but sometimes awesome, degree. Ouch! Couch is one of these attempts, but will it become a memorable gaming experience or will it fail to catch an asphalt wave?


Ouch! Couch was developed by Twistory Entertainment Studios, a company that also developed Belle’s War and Shinjuku Nexus. Twistory has published several graphic novels and have even collaborated with Yoshitaka Amano. Ouch! Couch takes a different design approach, accepting pixelated crocodiles and penguins over western gunslingers.

The game is visually appealing, especially for those that enjoy retro games. The player stands out amongst the growing chaos. The city in the background has several layers. Kangaroos look as they should, with murderous intent in their marsupial eyes. Everything about this game harkens back to the amazing games of the past, including the music. Of course, this isn’t Chopin, but it does have that sort of Megaman jive gamers have come to enjoy. However,playing long sessions could instill a bit of madness.


Ouch! Couch plays simply, with a single touch command being the only input implemented. Players will mount their furniture steeds to slide down overpopulated streets while gathering fans that cling desperately to their salvation. A score can then be posted on the leaderboards, but most players of Ouch! Couch would be more interested in beating their friends.

Trends come and go, sometimes at an alarming rate. One of the fastest growing trends in the past few months was Flappy Bird, which spawned hundreds of clones and tributes. From Miley Cyrus to Bird Jesus, anything popular could potentially become a “game.” This is where Ouch! Couch comes in, just barely being different enough to be interesting for a few minutes. Twistory tries to shake up the formula, but falls short of bringing anything worth noting out of the muck of what’s been left in the wake of that yellow monster. Fans of Janoskians will probably download it, but everyone else could pass it by.

Ouch! Couch can be found on iOS, Android, and Amazon for $0.99.

To see more of the Janoskians’ antics, find them on YouTube.