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New York Comic Con and GIGA Geek Magazine – Galactus Challenge

Galactus Challenge – For those of you at New York Comic Con
October 11th – 12th

Where’s Hawk Girl and Where’s Galactus!? –
Find our new publisher, Stephanae Turner in her god-like awesomeness walking around the convention floor.  When you spot Stephanae Turner in Galactus cosplay, walk up to her and yell loudly like a Goat in heat and say “I love GIGA: Geek Magazine and all things Stephanae, now give me my shwag” and win a raffle entry for one of our awesome prizes in our booty chest! (YES, I SAID BOOTY CHEST).  Also, Galactus may ask you a few geek trivia questions for instant wins and possible selection for the new Geek Game Show on GIGAnet! Galactus--screenshot_large

Schwag Mania
Prizes include:
Portal Game Schwag
Arcade Gamer Schwag
Mass Effect Schwag
Star Wars Schwag
Doctor Who Schwag
Gamer themed Schwag
Collectible figures Schwag
Plush Schwag
Random Silly Schwag

3097276-galactus-clouds YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED….