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Nintendo Direct: January 2015

Nintendo Direct videos are becoming one of the highlights of gaming news. The newest video to arrive featured some interesting news from Nintendo.

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What’s with Link and going into impossible dungeons of water? Prepare to feel true anger again.


Several previously announced games recieved more news during this event. The remake of the N64 classic Majora’s Mask will be making use of the New 3DS’ C Stick, allowing players to rotate the camera a full 360° around Link. While this may not seem substantial, this could completely change the way the game is played.

Another interesting feature comes from the folks behind Code Name STEAM, a strategy game that mixes action with traditional turn based combat. Fire Emblem characters can be unlocked via their Amiibo figures. Ike, Marth, Lucina, and Robin will all be available as playable characters with their own unique weapons and play styles.

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In a game with assault rifles, aliens, and Abraham Lincoln, Ike actually fits pretty well with a unique approach to combat.

Nintendo also announced that Wii titles will soon be available for download on the Wii U. These games will no longer need to be played in Wii Mode for players to access some amazing titles. In fact, Super Mario Galaxy 2 should be available now, while the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Punch Out!! will be released in the coming months. Many games that were playable with the Wii Classic Controller will also be fully playable with the Wii U Game Pad. If this means Metroid Prime will finally be playable with two analog sticks, minds will be blown.

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Arguably one of the best Mario games ever made. Now let’s hope it will be available for less than fifty bucks.

As far as new games, only a few were revealed. At the start of the event, a new Fire Emblem game was teased for the 3DS. Following on the heels of Fire Emblem: Awakening’s success, this isn’t a huge surprise. However, I expected the next Fire Emblem to be on Wii-U. Yet, they always seemed to be more popular on handhelds.

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This dancer was one of the highlights of a gorgeous trailer for the new Fire Emblem. Expect cosplays next week.

A series that’s seen quite a bit of popularity in Japan is coming to the states in May. Puzzle and Dragons Z is a quirky puzzle game in the style of Bejeweled, combined with RPG elements. If that wasn’t enough, Nintendo is also packaging Puzzle and Dragons: Super Mario Edition with it. Both look like fun and addictive puzzle games.

Speaking of puzzle games, Nintendo is apparently keeping tabs on the wildly successful Candy Crush Saga. Pokemon Shuffle is coming to 3DS in February and will feature limited moves, a timed energy system, and collectible Pokemon that effect how the game plays. The game will be free to play.

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Gamers everywhere will soon be able to shuffle with the master for free, unless you get stuck and can’t take it, then you can pay Nintendo a dollar.


While Nintendo’s main focus for this event was the New 3DS (I’ll get to more on that later) it did announce several new Amiibo Figures. In Spring, Nintendo plans on releasing a Super Mario series of toys to coincide with the release of Mario Party 10. Most of these figures are just different models of those already available (Mario, Luigi, Peach, etc.); however, Toad will be released for the first time and he will have compatibility with last year’s Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Nintendo 7

Expect Ike to sell for way more than intended a month after being snatched up by scalpers. No Toy R’ Us is safe.

Amiibo collectors should also be happy that Nintendo isn’t ignoring desperate pleas and ridiculous purchases of Marth. For some reason, Marth is one of the rarest characters so far, selling way above 13 USD. Nintendo will be shipping more Marth figures soon, hopefully diluting the rarity and the feverish collection.

One of the main reasons for today’s post is the new 3DS. This system boasts more processing power than the rest of the 3DS family, alongside several hardware features that most gamers are already aware of. The console will be releasing February 13 alongside Majora’s Mask 3D.

This system will be compatible with NFC figures, so in theory Skylanders and Disney Infinity could be compatible as well without peripherals. Oddly enough, Nintendo revealed that the New 3DS will not be coming with an AC Adapter. Don’t worry, all previous adapters will work with the new system. Why they chose to do this is an obnoxious mystery.

Other than that, it’s strange that Nintendo is only releasing the XL versions of their new consoles. What bothers me is the Gamecube and Super Famicom models of the new 3DS are more appealing to nostalgic geeks and collectors like myself. Whether these are even coming to the states is a mystery, but it may have to do with their relatively low price point of 153 USD after conversion. Come to think of it the New 3DS LL is only 180 USD in Japan, while the suggested retail is 199.99 USD in the US.

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But Nintendo, what if I want the cheaper, more nostalgic version?

The final bit of news is of two special editions of the New 3DS, one being the already leaked Monster Hunter 4 version.

The other version is none other than a beautiful, golden Majora’s Mask edition. Presumably these two 3DS systems will have their respective games loaded digitally, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

All in all, Nintendo continues to impress and baffle with their online press events and decisions. I’ve already planned on pre-ordering the Majora’s Mask edition of the New 3DS later today. What did you think of Nintendo Direct this time? Leave a comment below or on any one of our social media pages.

Until next time, stay cool.

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