Mewtwo is Coming to Super Smash Bros, NO JOKE

Fans have been waiting for this moment since Mewtwo was cut from Brawl. In fact, many believed Greninja was the psychic Pokémon making a return. Time and time again, Nintendo would tease something about Smash, with fans shouting for Mewtwo, only to get denied each time. The amount of memes and videos for Mewtwo is staggering and hilarious.

Needless to say, I was kind of skeptical about the Wii-U version. I already have the 3DS game, why would I need the other? Obviously, the amount of stages are to be higher and they will also be more detailed and larger, which was revealed practically at conception. Other than that, though, I didn’t expect much to be different.

Nintendo has been doing amazing things with its live release videos. For Smash on Wii-U, Nintendo pulled all the stops. About fifty facts are given, but one in particular trumps them all.


Players who own both the Wii-U and 3DS games will be getting Mewtwo for free.

My only question for Nintendo is will Mewtwo ever be available for those who own only one version? I may not have a Wii-U by then, so I’d love the option of paying for one of my favorite characters.

For those wanting to see the full event, check out the video below. As always, stay cool. I’ll see you on the battlefield. Challenge me if you dare!

Featured image by Archus7